A module from Samco Software to track employee time and automatically record it in Payroll. Enabling easy time recording with time clocks and integration with payroll for fast and accurate time collection and payroll processing. Manually recording and entering employees time can be extremely time consuming and costly. Start getting accurate time information so that you can manage your business effectively.


  • Save time with reduced manual entry.

  • Increase accuracy with automation of reconciliation processes.

  • Improve other accounting functions with integration.

  • Gain insight with a better analysis of business cash-flow.

  • Gain insight into labour costs.

  • Evaluate employees easily.

  • Minimize the time spent on government paperwork.


  • Track and record employee time.

  • Use multiple clocks with biometric, barcode or magnetic strip scanners.

  • Maintain different shifts.

  • Track statutory holidays and absences.

  • Define different jobs or job sites.

  • Create employee work calendars.

  • Interface with Samco Payroll and automatically transfer data.

  • Create work schedules based on shift definitions.

  • Manager access and non-manager access.

  • Rounding of shifts to the nearest minute.


Time & Attendance will make your time keeping easy. Automated and fast data entry using barcodes, magnetic swipe cards or a simple identification code to punch in and out when connected to a time clock. Employees time is quickly and easily monitored and recorded without the need for supervisors to manually enter times. Times can also easily be modified or changed by a supervisor so that when it comes time to prepare payroll everything is ready and you save time by eliminating tedious manually time entries. Paperwork, data entry and wasted time are eliminated so you can focus on growing your business.


Time & Attendance is able to adapt to just about any work environment. Get complete control over your time tracking by adding different shifts, different jobs and different industries. Manufacturing, retail, contracting, wholesale or service providers can be accommodated by Samco Time & Attendance as well as many other work environments. You will gain valuable insight by tracking employee time with a catered system.


Time & Attendance can easily integrate into your existing Samco Power Accounting software. In fact when used with Payroll the benefits are doubled. You can automatically calculate union dues for one or multiple unions, numerous jobs and job sites, statutory holiday pay, or special work days. You can also add a horn or bell to signal shift times along with electronic clocks including biometric fingerprint reading capability. Time & Attendance gives you control over how your employees time is managed and recorded, allowing you to focus on managing your business.