Why us?

Do you want to grab the sweet success pie and get an edge in this competitive e-commerce market? That’s exactly why!

We are offering a convenient way to manage your business. You can create more opportunities for global sales, brand your products and sell more online. The objective of our eSamco System is to put everything you need to run your online store in one place and make a good impression.

What eSamco Lite Offers?

Managing an order from its inception to delivery is crucial to the success of any business. Breathe some life into your business by simplyfying the complicated online ordering system with our eSamco lite. It’s budge-friendly investment idea for your business that can impress your customers with its wide-ranging features.


  • Customize greeting messages for guests and members

  • Modify your About Us page and Contact Us page.

  • Add members to eSamco Lite.

  • Ability to add additional product descriptions.

  • YouTube videos may be added to your product page.

  • Import your inventory and prices using a CSV file.

  • Upload pictures for your products.

  • Allow guests to sign up to become members.

  • Members can add items to their favorite list.

  • Members can view previously purchase web orders.

  • Members can save  carts for future repeat orders.

  • Your Customer and yourself receive email notification when orders are submitted.

Benefits of the product

Our products works as an engine powering your ordering service; it automates your online ordering functions and enhances your users’ experience. With our eSamco lite solution, you can efficiently conduct transactions for your products over the internet and create an engaging shopping experience for your customers.


Once you have singed up for the product, almost everything is setup for you. All you will need to do is import your items from our CSV file and jpeg images and you are ready to receive online orders.


If you require additional features that do not come right out of the box, eSamco lite can be customized to better fit your business nedds.


eSamco lite uses SSL  Certificates so connections to your eCommerce is encrypted, and protects your customers from unwanted attention while purchasing your products online.