A service team management tool for your business. Samco Service Manager gives you complete control over your service team and it’s resources.


Samco Service manager makes sure that your team is connected while on the go. Your dispatched technicians will have access to updated customer information and job queues. Recieve calls and dispatch technicians or send our technicians to complete scheduled preventitive maintenance. If your technicians are performing service agreement maintance or time and labour maintenance calls Samco Service Manager keeps them connected from initial call until the invoice is processed. This means you have less paperwork to do and everyone knows what needs to be done and when.


With Samco Service Manager you can stay organized. Your service agreements are centralized and maintained in one place. You can automatically attach calls to a customer agreements and when service calls are closed you can bill them according to service agreements. Keeping track of your work helps you to manage your labour and time. You can save precious resources by only having what you need on hand when you need it. Less waste and more productivity means you can grow your business efficiently.


Keeping track of sales gives you insight into how your business is performing and what areas of sales are doing the best. eManager gives you the ability to create reports at anytime so you can see how your sales reps are performing and where to improve. All your reporting is done securely through the encrypted eSamco website meaning you don’t have to worry about potential threats.