A POS solution for your Samco Power Accounting system. Samco Point of Sale software is an affordable, user friendly, Point of Sale (POS) tool. It interfaces with Samco Power Accounting to instantly update your accounting transactions as you process sales. Samco Point of Sale will allow you to process a multitude of customer transactions while maintaining your Samco Power Accounting data. Giving your customers the speed and convenience they want


  • Identify customers and track purchase history.

  • Reduce costs through well managed inventory.

  • Gain insight into sales performance with commission and time tracking.

  • Increase accounting accuracy and efficiency reducing costs.

  • Reduce costs by increasing checkout accuracy.

  • Manage decisions with ease knowing data is current.

  • Develop insight in sales performance.

  • Track valuable inventory information.


  • Barcode scanning.

  • Easily incorporate commissions into your sales process.

  • Manage promotions and non-sales like layaway or credit purchases.

  • Virtually limitless reporting.

  • Automate reordering and shipping.

  • Allow password restrictions.

  • Maintain accurate perpetual inventory.

  • Fully integrated sales analysis.

  • Minimize check out errors.

  • Record sales transactions with automatically include taxes, use correct pricing and record customer history.

Full Featured

Samco POS system allows you to instantly see your inventory and customer information. Theses transactions are fully recorded and maintained for auditing. The fast paced retail business needs a POS system that can keep up. Samco POS can record sales and returns in the same transaction, calculate taxes automatically, use combined methods of payment (cash, credit, cheque and coupons, and gift cards). You can also enter quotes, reprint tickets, put tickets on hold, subtotal tickets.


Samco POS minimizes the time taken to process customer orders. When combined with hardware peripherals and Samco Power Accounting software your POS system allows you to take control of your retail sales. Barcode scanning, adding customers β€œon the fly” and processing quotes to orders, gives you easily processed sales with easy to track history and transaction data.

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Complete Integration

Samco POS is fully integrated with Samco Power Accounting and allows you to easily manage your accounting from start to finish. Track sales tax, display sales by register, department or sales person. Display sales receipts and other reports on a daily, weekly or annual basis. Easily access all your accounting data from Samco Power Accounting after sales have been added with Samco POS module.

Samco Point of Sale