We offer Samco Power Accounting and Business Applications on a hosted basis paid monthly to assist companies who have the requirements for powerful and complex capabilities, but want to avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining a server.

Samco’s Power Accounting has a modular design that allows a company to add modules as needed. This flexibility allows your system to grow with you.

  • Our Hosted Services include daily off site backups and disaster recovery.

  • High speed VPN connections are configured to offer fully encrypted transmission of your data.

  • Our programs are kept up-to-date with the latest version of Power Accounting Business Applications.

  • Help Desk and on line support are included in your monthly fee.

  • If you have access to high speed internet service, we can provide a very cost effective solution for you.

Advantage summary

  • Be confident your data is safe.

  • Easy to use setup and configuration.

  • Reduce costs of downtime.

  • Be prepared in the event of a disaster.

  • Keep customers confident their information and data is secure.

  • Manage decisions with ease, knowing data is completely backed up.

  • Eliminate data loss.

  • Backup is stored offsite for added security.

Increase Sales and Productivity

A business that isn’t connected to the cloud is at a disadvantage. Using Samco CRM not only provides access to your customer information at all time but it allows you to avoid costly data entry time. Productivity of a connected team is also a commodity in todays competitive market. Your competition is moving fast and so should you. Access to your information in one place means increased lead conversions and a better understanding of your sales strategies, what works and why. With that insight Samco CRM lets you deliver results by putting sales opportunity information at your finger tips.

Customer Gratification

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any business. Imagine being able to turn support into gratification. Samco CRM allows to you reduce support time by providing you with insight into potential customer support requests. You will be able to deliver on promises of excellent customer support by having customer information shared across your business, accessible to your team at anytime from anywhere.