Samco Accounts Receivable is a Samco Power Accounting module designed to give access to your customer data quickly and easily. A powerful and feature filled module, Accounts Receivable gives you the customer information you need fast. Accounts Receivable is crucial to managing your business cash flow. Samco Accounts Receivable gives you the tight control and insight you need to grow your business.


  • Handles balance forward and open item customers in the same database.

  • 30 User defined fields.

  • Term codes for specific days of the month (proximo billing), or net terms.

  • Aging summaries.

  • Calculate commission percentages.

  • Notes for each customer.

  • Import AR transactions from third party programs for posting.

  • Use recurring sales transactions.

  • Enter cash receipts applied to oldest outstanding items.

  • Handle finance charges.

  • Prepare bank deposits and print slips.

Comprehensive and Concise

Samco Accounts Receivable gives you the information you want quickly. Instantly lookup important customer details and history so you can gain insight to help you make decisions. Controlling your Accounts Receivable transactions is neat and tidy when you use Samco Power Accounting. Allow your team to provide the service that your customers demand.

Feature Rich

Samco Accounts Receivable gives you the control you need with a set of features you know. Track customers by territory and set up sales tax for Canadian, US and foreign tax systems and automatic calculation on transactions. Create credit limits for each customer. Design customer statements or use the pre-designed formats.


Control and Flexibility

Samco Accounts Receivable lets you access customer information quickly and then drill down to the details you need. Generate reports to easily see where you can improve cash flow. With multi-user support your team will be more efficient