Draw on over 37 plus years of Samco’s experience in custom programming for our clients.

We have a large selection of add-ons, plus very reasonable rates for any special requirement your company may need, from a complete vertical package to small extras.

If you require custom features, it is possible we already have done something similar and it is available for your system. It is just a matter of purchasing one of our add-ons to give you the unique functionality you need.

We have made customization a large part of our business and take pleasure in being able to assist clients in making their computer system work for them, rather than dictate how they need to run their companies.

Customized Programmed Modules

When you purchase a custom add-on we will maintain it in every new version or release. And your enrolment in CAMP (our Customer Application Maintenance Program) will keep your system up-to-date, including any of the customization we have done for you.


Get creative with your data using the ODBC/XDBC Toolkit for Samco’s Power Accounting software system. Utilizing existing 64-bit ODBC support built into Windows 7 to 10, the ODBC/XDBC Toolkit makes your data files available to such applications as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office, MS Query, and GoldMine.

Here are some ideas of just a few of the creative things you can do:

  • Pull sales figures into Excel.

  • Query your database from a website for e-commerce.

  • Produce elaborate, full color reports with Crystal Reports.

  • Export data for third-party applications.

  • Create exciting, custom letters using your customer data and Microsoft Word.

  • Import customers into GoldMine for prospecting.

  • Use MS Access to create your own custom application that works with existing Samco data.

RealWorld Accounting Software is not forgotten!

If your business is still running an old version of RealWorld Accounting Applications, we have just the solution for you. We can convert your data files to run with our modern Samco Power Accounting Applications with our more user friendly GUI interface. RealWorld was one of the most powerful modular accounting systems in North America for many, many years, and Samco was the major Canadian (with a full U.S. Version also) distributor for this product. When they were discontinued, Samco chose to keep all of its functionality available.

We can offer an upgrade path to our extensive line and you will be very pleased that you will not have to learn the software all over again, as some of our screen versions will be very familiar to you. Just think, today’s premier accounting system can retain your years of history and data. Why lose all of your investment? We will move you up at Upgrade Pricing!!!!