Samco Canadian Payroll software is your payroll module for Samco Power Accounting. Make sense of your payroll complexity with Samco Canadian Payroll. Samco Payroll module gives you control to make your payroll procedure more efficient and accurate. Handle all of the complexities of doing payroll with ease.


  • Add and maintain employee records.

  • Support for Canadian territories, provinces and employees working abroad.

  • Define 9,999 different departments.

  • Support for direct deposit.

  • Support various means of compensation.

  • Track multiple unions, departments, cash advances and more.

  • Year end rollover allows you to continue payroll and T4/T4A generation without interruption.

  • Automatically generate general ledger entries.

Canadian and Integrated

Samco Canadian Payroll software boasts full Canadian compatibility, setup employees in all provinces and territories and track and deduct payroll according to their regional requirements. Make deductions for CPP, QPP, and EI. Record pension and WCB compensation. Provide full support for the Canadian Payroll Association electronic transmission format as well as for Royal Bank, Toronto Dominion (TD CanadaTrust), CIBC, Scotia Bank, Bank of Montreal, Alberta Treasury Branch and the National Bank of Canada. All of which can be integrated with your current Samco Power Accounting applications.

Automation and Control

Process cheques, shift differentials, Canada Savings bonds, union dues, stock purchases among others, across different departments or multiple locations and occupations. Taking the difficulty out of doing payroll and making it more accurate than ever.