Samco Business Applications are completely modular, allowing us to assemble the best combination to meet each client’s individual requirements. Some software modules are best suited for certain industries, types of conditions within the industries, or individual locations within a business. There are two areas which we allocate the modules to,  Core and Extended.

General Ledger

Business professionals, like yourself, look for flexibility, ease-of-use, and power from a financial collection and reporting system. Which is why thousands of users world wide look to the General Ledger module from Samco’s Power Accounting suite to fulfill those needs. The result of over 15 years of refinements, the G/L module reflects the features demanded by large organizations, while still being ” user friendly “.

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Accounts Receivable

Effective cash flow and client management is critical to the long term success of any business. The Accounts Receivable module gives you the tools to take and keep control of your client base. Accenting the robust reporting features, you’ll also have instant access to information from any workstation and from anywhere in the Samco system; including a customer’s account aging with average days to pay, customer details with user defined fields and ship-to addresses. Invoice detail can be called up while viewing a customer’s account. What is even more impressive, is that it is easy to use and manage.

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Accounts Payable

Streamline the often cumbersome task of payables management with the Accounts Payable module from Samco’s Power Accounting suite. With A/P you’ll be able to control disbursements, automatically take advantage of vendor terms and discounts, improve credit positioning, project cash requirements, make payments via Electronic Funds Transfers and have historical data available for viewing or reporting. A/P seamlessly integrates with Bank Reconciliation, Purchasing, General Ledger, and Job Cost.

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Inventory Management

Inventory Control helps you track product usage and costs, and maintain inventory at optimum levels. Having too much cash tied up in slow or non-selling items, or running out of fast-moving items, can have a major impact on your financial success. With Inventory Control you’ll have complete information about the value of your inventory, quantities on hand, quantities committed, and the flow of inventory items sold by your business on a constant basis.

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The speed and accuracy with which you service customers are key to the success of your business. Order Entry software provides you with the tools needed to speed up sales and order lines.These include inventory verification when entering orders, immediate information on customers, automatic discount levels or contract price selection, plus rapid and accurate billing.One of the keys to Samco’s Order Entry module is its flexibility. Used in a variety of business types, O/E can be molded to suit your specific needs.

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With Purchasing, the plus is in the hundreds of features not normally associated with a purchasing module. Purchasing allows you to transfer stock in and out of other locations, create A/P vouchers from received inventory, track open to buy scenarios, monitor stock rotations, and handle markdowns. By eliminating the barriers between sales and purchasing, you’ll be able to make smart buying decisions based on rock solid information.

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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis is the ideal management tool for pulling out the real information from your raw data for analyzing sales, product usage and customer purchases. The reports provided will enable you to spot your best customers, best selling items and services, productive sales reps, strong sales regions, the type of customer buying certain items, and more. Analyzing your product sales and customer purchases will allow you to make informed management decisions and develop sales strategies. You will be able to better manage inventory.

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