Making sound business decisions requires rock solid financial data. Samco General Ledger provides a highly respected and stable foundation for your accounting data. Making use of double entry record keeping to ensure all your financial information is spot on. Samco General Ledger module from Samco Power Accounting allows you to integrate your current account structure easily. The ease with which you are able to control and automate journal processing allows for gains in efficiency and provides more accurate financial data.


  • An easy to use and powerful features make bookkeeping a breeze.

  • Familiar and intuitive reporting gives bookkeepers power to quickly format and prepare reports.

  • A series of standard reports get you preparing financial statements instantly.

  • Standard reports include: Analysis of Changes in Working Capital, Balance Sheet, Budgets, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss (P&L) Statements, Statements of Changes of Financial Position, Trial Balance, Various Supporting Schedules.


  • True date sensitivity.

  • Flexible account structure.

  • Multiple users.

  • Multiple companies.

  • Import export data for use in your other office applications (MS Excel etc.)

  • 13 user defined accounting periods.

  • Customize financial statements.

  • Track journal entries by user.

  • Print up to date statements anytime.

  • Support values up to $999,999,999,999.99.

  • Consolidate between companies.

  • Reverse accrual entries in the next period automatically.

  • Verify data is balanced before posting.

Streamlined bookkeeping

Multiple users can quickly and simultaneously enter data allowing your bookkeeping to proceed without any unnecessary data entry. Powerful and accurate reports can be generated from easy to use menus, allowing you to gain important insight into your business. Samco General Ledger allows you to create the financial reports you need with confidence.

Security and Precision

Samco Power Accounting provides you with fine grained control over General Ledger accounts and sub accounts. With the ability to control user access and transactions to the most specific levels of detail you can rest assured that speedy data entry is also accurate. With user level detail General Ledger also allows you to define segmented accounts from 3 digits or segmented to 15 with 5 sections. This allows you to categorize your accounts and ensure useful information is never misplaced. Repetitive entries are also controlled with standard journal function, reducing the amount of entry and the number of errors. Samco Power Accounting also provides the highest level of detail in your audit trail making sure that you can quickly and easily find pattern transactions and use that knowledge to identify, change and adapt your business strategies.

Get Started Easily

Implementation is quick and easy. use Samco General Ledger to move your current chart of accounts or create a new structure to fit your needs. Along with Samco Power Accounting data conversion to move your data seamlessly to your new General Ledger and make use of familiar accounting entry and transaction procedures.