Accounts Payable software module is a Samco Power Accounting module that gives you control over payables in your company. Giving you a comprehensive set of tools so you can be prepared for anything. Samco Accounts Payable is the only tool you need to gain control of your payables. Giving you the support you want for vendors and vouchers that can be linked to Samco Purchasing for easy to manage purchased and received goods and services.


  • Support both proximo and net vendor terms.

  • Keep unlimited context-sensitive notes for vendors and transactions.

  • Track Canadian GST and US 1099.

  • Customize forms to fit any cheque format.

  • Handle discounts and terms on a transaction by transaction basis.

  • Support unlimited AP and cash accounts for grouping and reporting.

  • Track separate purchasing addresses.

  • Define aging periods by invoice or due date.

  • Print picking tickets, shipping labels, waybills with the order or when invoicing.

  • Safely allow multiple users to access and update the same record.

  • Display alternate items and availability across multiple warehouses.

  • Distribute payments from AR customers for contra situations.

  • Replenish back-orders as inventory becomes available.

  • Retain history of transactions and payments for each vendor and of GL distribution accounts.

Streamline and Control

The large set of features found in the Accounts Payable  software module allow you to minimize the time you spend doing data entry. You can create notes, track different shipping addresses, apply discounts and define aging periods easily. With on-the-fly entry you can create vendors quickly allowing you to streamline your payables processing.


Flexible and Robust

With the right tools you can easily complete any job. Samco Accounts Payable module allows you to manage your payables with ease so that you can get the job done. Accounts payable gives you the ability to track Canadian GST and US 1099, create custom forms to fit virtually any cheque format, create unlimited accounts for grouping and reporting. Allow multiple users to access and update the same record, report and disburse by vendor groups and put vendors on hold. Giving you the tools you need to track your payables.