Samco Software offers a range of services including hosted systems (email, applications, backup), network management, network and end users security as well as training for all our software packages.


Contractors need to control job costs and bring projects in, at, or under budget. Your ability to do this is directly related to getting accurate and up-to-date information. Samco’s Job Cost system boasts a robust reporting facility, giving you the ability to monitor jobs closely and plan adjustments.

Samco Job Cost

  • Track labour, material, sub-trades, and overhead for fixed fee or cost-plus jobs.

  • Enter completion estimates to compare actual, projected and budgeted costs.

  • Attach sub-jobs and change orders to your jobs.

  • Track retainage, both receivable and payable.

  • Customize jobs with up to thirty user-defined fields.

  • Set up any number of categories and sub-categories for tracking across all jobs.

  • Easily produce progress billings with up-to-date cost data.

  • Intergrates with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Billing, Purchase Order, Canadian Payroll, Inventory Management, and General Ledger or may be run as a standalone module.

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Delivery Service

Samco’s eSales turns your service and delivery trucks into Road Warriors! Your driver inputs the order and it is immediately ready for invoicing and shipping notification to your warehouse, if goods are not on board the vehicle.

Samco eSales

  • Enter orders, print delivery slips and invoices.

  • All at the point of delivery of goods and services.

  • Provides on-the-spot additional sales potential.

  • Tracks inventory on the truck.

  • Drivers/sales reps have immediate access to customers’ buying habits.

Food Processing

Your time-sensitive operations in the food processing industry are now manageable.

Samco Inventory Management

  • An Accounts Receivable and Billing system that handles parent/child customers.

  • This is ideal for shipments to branch stores, while invoicing or sending statements to the head office.

  • Easy processing of charge-backs from customers for goods not turned over by the sell-by date.

  • Print your customers’ sku numbers on barcodes and labels.

  • Excellent tracking in case of recalls.

  • Stock and process items in alternate units and recalculate at time of sale.

  • Track raw materials for recipes with a simple purchasing advice routine.

Samco Inventory Management for light manufacturing

Light Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies that need a basic assembly program with bill of materials and component tracking find Samco’s Light Manufacturing to be just the ticket!

Samco Inventory Management

  • Lot-controlled & serial numbered items as components.

  • Serial number and warranty tracking.

  • Initiate and track work orders for production from the customer’s order.

  • Track order status and time spent at each stage.

  • Option to modify components and quantities at time of assembly.

  • Scanning at multiple work stations.

Whether you are tracking your assemblies for stock production or custom orders, Samco’s light manufacturing will provide you with all the data you need to maximize your inventory usage.

Whether you are tracking your assemblies for stock production or custom orders, Samco’s light manufacturing will provide you with all the data you need to maximize your inventory usage.

Professional Service

Recurring Billing is easily managed with Samco Billing.

Samco Billing

  • Specify the intervals, billing dates, maximum amount or number of times the bill is to be generated.

  • Flexible invoice formats

  • Add unlimited notes to invoices for internal use.

  • Invoice entry from multiple workstations.

  • Track commissions based on services, customers, sales reps.

  • Perform automatic credit checking at time of billing.

  • Samco Billing works with Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management (optional), Sales Analysis reporting, and General Ledger.

Samco Billing Professional Services

Retail Point of Sale

The retail environment is changing; it has never been more competitive or complex. The retailer must keep abreast of buying trends, market conditions, new products and tough competition. But most importantly, you need to be aware of what is going on in your business every minute. That means accurate, up-to-date sales, inventory, and accounting information.

Samco Point of Sale

  • Tracks the detail of every ticket.

  • Keeps historical detail for each purchase.

  • Handles quotations, orders, layaways.

  • Features flexible search engine for merchandise.

  • Calculates package deal pricing.

  • Reprints receipts with find function.

  • Preloads price changes that activate at a specific date.

  • Ensures proper daily reconciliation.

  • Tracks and sells items by lots and serial numbers.

  • Electronic cash drawers, receipt/invoice printers, scales, barcode scanners, customer displays, programmable keyboards are available.

Warehouse Distribution

Having too much cash tied up in slow or non-selling items, or running out of fast-moving items, can have a major impact on your financial success. With Inventory Management you’ll have complete information about the value of your inventory, quantities on hand, committed, on purchase order, and on back order. The flow of inventory items sold by your business is available to you on a constant basis.

Samco Inventory Management

Helps you track product usage and costs, and maintain inventory at optimum levels.

  • Serialized and lot-controlled items.

  • Multiple warehouses.

  • Flexible item search engine.

  • Barcode scanning.

  • Multiple label formats.

  • Flexible pricing structures, with price codes, contract and sales prices.

  • Robust reporting facilities.

  • Alternate items, alternate selling units.

  • Factor codes for landed cost calculation with adjustment at receiving.

  • Track weight and volume of each item for calculating net shipment stats.

  • Physical inventory count with portable data collectors.

  • Physical inventory count with portable data collectors.