Empower your sales team by providing insightful sales data and reports. Today’s sales are driven by goals and targets. Use Samco Sales Analysis to encourage your sales team to meet goals and generate revenue helping your business grow. Sales analysis is one of the most important aspects of business intelligence. Understanding your major areas of revenue helps you to focus on what’s important to your business and improve the areas that have the potential to improve. With Samco Sales Analysis you can quickly identify where your potential lies.


  • Quickly gather sales statistics.

  • Improve sales performance by analyzing data and setting targets.

  • Add new customers or items ‘on-the-fly’ during invoicing or order entry.

  • Determine most profitable areas of your sales pipeline.

  • Gather data to show useful trends in sales reports.

  • Easily integrated into Samco Power Accounting.

  • Build strategies for sales targets, growth and team management by analyzing sales.


  • User Defined Reports

  • Quick Predefined Reports

  • Category and Sub-Category Reporting

  • Item Reporting

  • Regional Sales Reports

  • Sales Rep Reports

  • Item Sales Volume Report

  • Customer Profit Report

  • Monthly Activity Analysis

  • Postal/Zip Code Sales Report

Seamless Integration

Samco Sales Analysis integrates and analyzes your current Power Accounting sales data. No additional data entry is required. And preconfigured reports allow you to quickly and easily access intelligent information regarding your business. Anyone can create reports for analysis at any time with your current data. Providing meaningful insight into sales histories which allows your business to stay motivated and grow.

Advanced Reporting

Samco Sales Analysis provides built in reports to get your data into a meaningful format quickly. The most useful reports are those defined by your team. Sales Analysis allows analysis on five levels of detail and up to six separate periods. Analyze sales by customer, item, category and sales rep easily. Find out which customers are buying what and how often. Generate reports to see which are your most profitable categories with the ability to report margin percentages and cost of sales its easy to see where you are generating revenue. Report by period to quickly see growth in item sales, customer sales and category sales.

Create Strategies

Analyzing your business data in a way that allows you to create strategies will help your business grow. Samco Sales Analysis will provide the insight and power to build those strategies. With a deep insight into your business sales data you can focus on where you need to act. Samco Sales Analysis is a useful tool for management to invigorate and move their sales team in the right direction.

Samco Power Accouting Sales Analysis