The main component of any e-commerce system is the website, and in particular its security. eSamco offers a familiar and easy to use online ordering system. Allowing your customers to use the system with virtually zero learning curve. eSamco also uses the industry standard SSL protection combined with Mercury Payment Systems’ hosted transaction gateway for enhanced security on all transactions. Along with network infrastructure that separates your order system from the users device for a secure, low risk and accessible experience for you and your customers.

a tremendous asset

“eSamco has been a tremendous asset to us. It allows our customers to view products,quantities, and prices and then place orders online. This saves us time, making it great for us and our customers!” – Ron Miller, President, (early adopter of eSamco) Omni Provincial Electronics.


Sales drive your business and giving your Sales Representatives the power to assist customers means more sales and more happy customers. With eSales your sales team can easily enter order details directly into your Samco Billing module. This means sales are never missed and your business grows. You can also move customers from one sales rep to another, in the event that a sales rep is away or the customer base realigns. Informed sales reps are also vital to making sales, eSales gives your reps the ability to review past sales and customer buying habits on the go via a mobile device, giving them valuable information when they need it.

Advantage summary

  • Save time with reduced manual entry, all items are synchronized with Samco Power Accounting.

  • Give customers and staff easy online access to ordering system.

  • Save time by allowing customers to enter orders.

  • Gain insight into buying habits.

  • Reduce costs by giving customers order entry ability.

  • Easily understand customer trends and target behaviour accordingly using built-in web analytics.

Feature Summary

  • Give easy order system to your customers.

  • Dynamic up to date data.

  • SSL encryption.

  • Mobile access via tablet including iPad.

  • Access Inventory listings and pricing.

  • Easily update or change orders.

  • Import and save order history for easy online accessibility.

  • Show product images.

  • Quickly search by item number or description.

  • Show price based on price list for each customer login.

  • Reporting.

  • Web Analytics.