An estimating module for your Samco Power Accounting system. Samco Flooring is an affordable, user friendly, flooring job estimating tool. It uses Samco Power Accounting to create useable job estimates helping you grow your business.

Estimating can be the most important aspect of a job, too high and you will not be competitive and too low you may increase your costs. Samco Flooring gives you the power to make estimates and bid on jobs competitively.


  • Convert unit sizes quickly.

  • Integrated with Samco modules.

  • Work with any material.

  • Schedule jobs with Samco Scheduler.

  • User defined forms.

  • Print estimates as quote, service work order with install instructions as an in-house estimate to show details and profit and as a customer invoice.

  • Reprint estimates, quotes or work orders.

  • Full history of work orders are kept.

  • One button calculation for accessories.

  • On the fly item, vendor and customer input.


  • Eliminate repeated data-entry.

  • Provide customers with accurate easy to understand quotes.

  • Streamline your workflow.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Estimate costs more effectively.

  • Manage decisions with ease knowing job history is recorded.

  • Avoid mistakes in data entry.

  • Fully integrate with current Samco Power Accounting or use as a standalone application.

Full Featured

Samco Flooring easily handles different type of jobs with different requirements. Estimate more quickly with estimating codes for material and labour or link other codes for added automatic charges. Create estimates on the fly, without adding new customers. Calculate accessory requirements with one button. Include items which aren’t yet part of inventory. Develop bids quickly including materials, labour and taxes. Show your gross profit easily as the estimate is generated and watch your business grow.


Samco Flooring is completely automated once you create your estimate. Once the estimate has been automatically converted into a quote your Samco Power Accounting system takes over. Creating a new order in the Billing module, a new service work order in the Flooring module, new items and vendors and a new customer/contact in the appropriate modules and finally a new job in Job Cost. Saving your valuable time and reducing the likelihood of errors. Reduce mistakes and increase efficiency with Samco Flooring.

Customer Service

Provide your customers with the detail and attention they have come to expect. Fully integrated with your Samco Power Accounting applications, now you can provide the customized estimates and quotes that customers want quickly. Customers don’t like to wait and their time is valuable. Keep on top of your quotes and show your customers professional printed estimates, quotes and invoices. Be ready for changes and keep your customers informed.