Release History

Release 35.168 (14.07)
Jun 11 2019

*AP Accounts Payable would accumulate the PTD and YTD amounts based on distribution date instead of invoice date. This has been corrected.

*IC The I/C distributions to G/L report field for journal number would leave the screen blank, instead of displaying "All", when F1 was hit to set "All" as the selection criteria. This has been corrected.

*IC The item maintenance would not allow a supplier number be the same as the item number, even though it is common to use a supplier's part number as one's own. This has been corrected.

*OE The line item entry could set the quantity committed wrong if the item was lot controlled, and the option inside the lot allocation window was used for changing the line quantities, then after the line was finished the user pressed F5 to select a line. This has been corrected.

*OE The billing posting would allow the selection of an eSend printer as the device to send reports to, but it would ask for the eSend information multiple times, allowing the user to tab out without specifying designation information, and causing the reports to be lost. This has been Changed - The eSend printer option has been removed from the selection  window for the billing option for Post Invoices.

*PA The find vendor item function (?2 in the item# field when processing a PO) has been enhanced to show both the vendor item# and the inventory item# and to show column headings so it is easy to tell which is which.

*SF The screen saver function that requires entry of a password to get back into the system would record failed attempts to log back in, but would not reset the count once log in was successful, meaning a session could get locked when it should not. This has been corrected.

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