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Case Study - Altarus Supply Ltd.

Samco Software talks with Bob Schofield, Manager at Altarus Supply Ltd.

Please tell us a bit about your business and eSamco.

We are a distributor of industrial tools and supplies that cater to mechanical, plumbing, construction, and other trades.

What were some major influences behind building an online presence?

To have a higher profile with smaller companies that rely on online information, and give our larger customers the option of accessing their accounts online.

What has been the biggest change you’ve seen?

We have seen an increased use of the online facilities, along with many more inquiries from other prospective customers.

Has having eSamco added any extra work?


Have there been any sundry benefits?

Yes, we have had calls from people that, came across our site and been in contact for product information and pricing.

Why eSamco versus a standalone shopping cart or website?

It was agreed that it would be best done by someone already familiar with our company.

How long did it take you to get up and running?

Two months.

Would you say it has been a success?

It is still a work in progress, with the downturn in the trades etc. We are looking for more success as the economy continues to pick up, and with eSamco we will be able to handle the volume better.

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