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Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation - Came to Samco Software Inc. for “The Total Solution"

Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation is a first of its' kind pioneer site that holds a patented tire reclamation process.   Using multiple reactors built specifically to perform the reduction of used mining vehicle tires into a spectrum of basic components that are completely recyclable with zero toxic emissions in this self-sustaining process. 

The site was built North of Fort McMurray, an isolated area of Northern Alberta, without readily available land based Internet or phone service access.  Internet was provided through a cutting edge technology low latency remote fiber fed source Gigabit Microwave Back haul, and distributed internally over an extremely low latency multi-layered internal Gigabit fiber optic network with over 200 acres of Zero Hop.

Securely behind the Kerio Control System, is the Ubiquitous Connectivity Wireless for VPN based scanners with local network centralized printing of all-weather labels for tire receiving, and all re-labeling steps to the final reclamation processing.  Based on Kerio Operator, Samco provided and installed Yealink Multi-line VoIP phones, Video-phones and Paging System.  Included is an Independent Gigabit based fiber optic security network for strategically placed IP based HD Internet cameras with app based smart phone access, 

HID Card Based Security Access with employee photo and badging, Access Gate controls, near field RF ID Synel Time Clock, integration of low latency remote access of servers, and large screen monitors for control room aid, remote visual verification, and training and certification of operators.   To allow for the extreme cold weather, using Honeywell Wireless Handheld Scanners, designed for working in Cold Storage facilities,   Samco provided all networking, servers, VoIP hardware, expertise and installation for the site.

The Samco Power Accounting System was modified to track the tires from in-take to storage, shearing, cleaning and end-of-life destruction then to record Inventory of products resulting from the reclamation, including Steel, Carbon Black, Low Carbon  oil and proof of destruction documents.  The products then go into Inventory, ready for resale to industries who can make best use of them.  Samco is now able to use this proprietary software and initial site as a benchmark for upcoming future sites.   For more information about how Titan is working to improve the environment and this site, visit http://titantirereclamation.com/

Samco’s President, Barry Clarke, commented, “Samco is proud to be a significant part of this installation and cause, partnering with TTRC.” .

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