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2015 Payroll Year End

Year-end changes: Complete your Payroll year-end after the Last Check run for December (including calculation of the journal entry), and Prior to the First check run in January of the New Year.


  • -  Check date is the Year that that check calculation belongs in.
  • -  T4’s, T4A and “Releve” Forms DO NOT have to be printed prior to closing of December


-  The update can be installed anytime, you just cannot run the Payroll Menu Option for

apply tax changes until your Year-End has been completed.

-  No payroll checks dated for the following year should be run until the Year-End has

been completed. Remember the system is only interested in the date of the check, not

when it was printed.

-  Calculate your final journal entry before starting the year end process.

Back up your data, so you have a copy prior to starting the process!

For Customers on Windows a download for the Payroll Updates Install is available for our AEP FTP Clients.

(Call In to Tech or Support for required password or to schedule a time for us to do your install) If doing download yourself ...

Use the FTP:// download according to the instructions provided.

Any questions call: 604-597-4211 Or, email us at support@samco.com

Check out our website for Manuals, FAQ’s, Release Notes, and Support


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