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January 2019 Payroll

Check out our latest release notes for January 2019 Payroll Update. For your payroll update, please contact us and schedule for the new payroll changes. 

Click here for our latest release notes - December 2018 

Update and Changes in Samco

Please check out our PAP form here. Please check out our new release notes.

There are some tips and tricks that you may not be aware of. Please check out our tips in “DID YOU KNOW” document.

We are in the process of updating our manuals. You may want to download a newer version off of our website.

CASL Law changes for July 1st 2017

Due to the new Anti-Spam laws for Canada, we now need your expressed consent to be able to receive our latest newsletters. In order to sign up for our new newsletters, please go here and subscribe.

Software Modifications document updated

Hi Everyone,

We have updated our software modifcation document on our website here. Please take a look at the latest changes.

Submitting information to the CRA

Hi Everyone,

Before you upload your payroll information to the CRA, make sure you have used our validator to see if the information you're sending is valid to the CRA's standards.

To download our validator, please click on this link

Once you have checked that your file is valid, please refer to the CRA website on how to submit your file.

January 2017 Payroll is here

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Reminder Payroll Update is needed for the New Year. 

We would like to remind everyone to give us a call to schedule an appointment to update your payroll.

Please click here to view how to get started with your January 2017 payroll.

Or click here for your 2016 year end.

Quebec Releves

Our Accounting Software is Certified for the Quebec with the latest update. Please take a look at our document here 

Samco Launcher Coming Soon!

2016 is almost over and with that, we are giving all our existing customers a holiday gift from our staff.

We present to you the “Samco Launcher”.

2016-12-02 15-10-55

The Samco Launcher will be replacing your current Samco icon to load your Samco Accounting Software. The Launcher will also present a feature that you have been waiting for. Being able to automatically update your Accounting Software. 

Once the launcher is ready, we will include it with our update, so stay tuned.

Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation - Came to Samco Software Inc. for “The Total Solution"

Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation is a first of its' kind pioneer site that holds a patented tire reclamation process.   Using multiple reactors built specifically to perform the reduction of used mining vehicle tires into a spectrum of basic components that are completely recyclable with zero toxic emissions in this self-sustaining process. 

The site was built North of Fort McMurray, an isolated area of Northern Alberta, without readily available land based Internet or phone service access.  Internet was provided through a cutting edge technology low latency remote fiber fed source Gigabit Microwave Back haul, and distributed internally over an extremely low latency multi-layered internal Gigabit fiber optic network w


Payroll ROE XML export has been updated to Version2.0 as required by Service Canada. A new window has been added to the Employee maintenance ROE fields to handle the extra special payments added.

Only Standard Separation Codes will be allowed. Other codes will not work with the CRA’s XML ROE Web Payroll Extract File ROE Appendix D 

Accepted Standard ROE Separation Codes are located here

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